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Posted by Resilient Performance Physical Therapy in Blog on March 20, 2024

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Spring Semester 2024

Meet our Chatham, NJ location Doctor of Physical Therapy students— Andrew and Meghan!

Andrew and Meghan have been familiar faces around our New Jersey location over the past couple months as they both complete their final clinical rotations with Resilient. 

Resilient takes pride in offering high level mentorship, giving back to the student community, and maximizing patient experience and outcomes. 

Getting to know our NJ students better: 

We asked Andrew and Meghan a handful of questions to shed light on their backgrounds, their passions, and how their clinical experiences have been going so far. 

Q: What brought you to Resilient?

Andrew: On the surface, Resilient appeared to be the kind of clinic I would have loved to go to during my youth athletic career. The facility here at The Annex is unique, offering the space and equipment to fully maximize the potential of each patient. After learning more about the clinical staff and their mission, it became clear that this environment was one in which I could be a sponge and develop every aspect of my clinical skills. 

Meghan: I grew up playing sports and have always been interested in sports based PT. When I saw the facility and equipment here, I was immediately excited at the possibilities for patient exercises. After learning the approach to patient care at Resilient, I knew this was an ideal Physical Therapy clinic. 

Q: What do you hope to do after you finish your degree?

Andrew: After graduation I hope to be in a position to make a genuine difference in the well-being of my clients. Orthopedic rehab is my strong career interest and working with athletes is ultimately the goal. Regardless of what setting I find myself in post-grad, I strive to have the tools to make actionable change for each individual in my care. 

Meghan: I hope to become a Physical Therapist who is able to have a positive impact on all of my patients’ lives. I want to get people back to doing what they love and pain free. 

Q: What’s something you’ve already learned during your time at Resilient? 

Andrew: My first few weeks at Resilient have taught me how to appreciate the individual in front of me. Regardless of a diagnosis, it is important to understand the limitations and barriers for the person and treat them appropriately in order to meet their goals. 

Meghan: I’ve learned the value of one-on-one treatment sessions. Each session is unique to the patient and the therapist is able to adapt and correct throughout each session. Having a full hour of one-on-one physical therapy is unique and I have really been able to see the difference it makes in patient care. 

Q: How does this experience vary from some of your past clinical rotations?

Andrew: The clinicians here at Resilient challenge my thinking everyday. The level of detail required in each step of the plan of care is essential to a specific and effective rehab process. There is not always a right answer, but understanding the patient and building on foundations taught in school can lead you to the best one. 

Meghan: The patient population is vastly different than at my previous rotations, as there are many high level athletes. In previous experiences, the role of PT was to ensure patients were safe to go home or could perform daily activities. At Resilient they’re going beyond that to get patients back to high level performance. 

Feel free to reach out if you or someone you know is interested in pursuing a Physical Therapy clinical experience at Resilient. 

Look out for our incoming student Jose in April who will spend half a year at our Chatham, NJ location.

Be sure to say hello to our students when you see them around!

– Team Resilient

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