Throwing athletes like baseball players require a particular focus on how their throwing arm works and how it interacts with the rest of their body. At Resilient, we use a global and modernized approach to build upon traditional arm care techniques. We ensure the entire body aids in the ability for an athlete to throw efficiently, effectively, and with reduced injury risk so you can perform at a higher level now and for the long-term.

Additionally, Resilient specializes in the rehabilitation from baseball injuries including non-operative sprains, aches and pains, or surgical cases like Tommy John (elbow UCL reconstruction & repair), shoulder labrum repairs, or others like fractures and capsular tears. Resilient has unparalleled experience in treating these types of specialized injuries.

We have helped and continue to help professional baseball players from many different teams. Throughout the year, we assist the nation’s top ranked collegiate, high school, and youth baseball players in staying on the field so they can perform at their best.

Our Patients Us!

The team at Resilient are absolute professionals - the best!

The prescribed workouts are the best medicine to preventing future injuries and the videos are extremely helpful. Always a pleasure stopping in for a visit and always feel so much better post-visit. Thanks!

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