“Return to sport” refers to the process in which an athlete satisfactorily prepares for practice and competition following an injury. Traditionally, physical therapy and the healthcare system at large are not focused on excelling at sport but in the restoration of “normal” function. Normal functions means the ability to get up from a chair, walk to school or work, and perform household chores. Normal is not sufficient for sports that require sprinting, jumping, and changing direction in an unpredictable environment replete with uncooperative opponents. At Resilient, we excel at helping athletes transition from “normal” to sport-ready; it’s truly what differentiates us from other practices.

We employ objective testing (sometimes with force plates) and individualized strength training, sprinting, agility, and conditioning programs to ensure that you return to the field or court with complete confidence. Psychological vulnerability is a well-documented phenomenon following sport-related injuries. Studies demonstrate that maximizing physical preparation enhances psychological readiness. Makes sense- taking an exam is much more stressful when one is ill prepared or doesn’t know the material. Whatever your “test” following an injury or surgery, we will help get you ready physically and psychologically. Don’t leave your sports rehabilitation to luck or chance. Hope is no substitute for deliberate preparation.

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The team at Resilient are absolute professionals - the best!

The prescribed workouts are the best medicine to preventing future injuries and the videos are extremely helpful. Always a pleasure stopping in for a visit and always feel so much better post-visit. Thanks!

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