Sports Medicine & Performance Physical Therapy Testimonials


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“After receiving a 1st and 2nd opinion that suggested surgery, a good friend recommended that I come to Resilient as a last resort. After a thorough intake and assessment, they were able to expose movement limitations I was never aware of. Through several combinations of hands on treatment and exercise, the movements that originally bothered my shoulder had changed for the better! I left optimistic, and with more information, which I feel confident has me headed in the right direction! I always had a feeling my shoulder didn’t require surgery to eliminate the pain and these guys made sure they addressed my whole body, not just the joint I was complaining about.
If you want the best, this is the place to go!”
– Josh F., Frederick, MD

“I abused my body a bit playing high school football and also used some bad training programs over the years. It finally caught up to me while working a desk job, and I started to have some nagging knee, shoulder, and lower back pain. I tried to push through the pain for a few years, but it began to affect how I moved outside of the gym. I knew then I needed to take care of my body before it progressed any further. I saw a few physical therapists over the years, but none of them got me back to training at a high level without pain. Fortunately, I found a good PT who referred me to Resilient. Trevor designed two great programs for me and really helped me with a few cues to clean up some bad habits with technique. He does a wonderful job of giving you the tools to train intelligently and treat yourself when any nagging issues creep up. He’s also very responsive with any questions and goes the extra mile to ensure he properly cares for his clients. Trevor got me back into the gym with a renewed sense of confidence that I’m not going to break down again. The Resilient guys have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and acumen to get you “off the table” and back to doing what you love.”
– K.H., Hoboken, NJ

“My story is not unlike many serious weightlifters that have spent most of their lives in the gym without proper coaching. I am left with a lot of pain and dysfunctional movement patterns. To top off the “normal” issues, I had nerve entrapment with my suprascapular nerve (feeds rotator cuff) on my left side. After dozens of physical therapists, two nerve surgeries and continued progression of rotator cuff muscle atrophy, I was lost. I found my way to Greg and Resilient Performance Physical Therapy. Greg has opened my eyes to a healthier training program that can correct much of my dysfunction. We have a long way to go, but he has justifiably restored my hope that I can return to a healthy and strong body. Over the years, I literally lost all hope in the physical therapy profession and in my ability to recover, so that is a very meaningful statement for me. With Greg, it is a strength training program that is truly physical therapy in nature. I only want to get stronger if it is pain free as well as good for my body and long term health. I know we are accomplishing this objective, and–while I’m still dealing with some pain–I am highly confident that we will continue to work to be completely pain free through the constant improvement and refinement of our program for my unique situation. Greg goes well above and beyond the hour we spend together a few days a week. He wants to know real time, 24/7, what I am experiencing and if I have questions. There is no “off the shelf” remedy for my issues, and Greg has taken this challenge on with excitement. He has dedicated himself as if he is the one experiencing the issues. It is a level of focus like I’ve never seen with all my years of PT, an amount of focus and energy that is necessary to truly resolve the complex issues I am faced with. I can’t say enough about Greg and would highly recommend him and Resilient Performance Physical Therapy to anyone, especially if you have had years of pain or complex dysfunction that the average PT cannot help to resolve. I am extremely thankful to be working with Greg and I only regret not finding him a decade ago.”
– Nick K., Westport, CT

“Working with Doug in a physical therapy capacity was unlike any previous experiences I have had both in his treatment approach and also in his diagnosis. I have dealt with the same issues over the years and have sought the help of the most celebrated practitioners in New York City only to have the problem continue to recur. What set Doug apart for me was that he did not look at my complaint in and of a certain body part, but he looked and experienced me as a whole body, both physically and emotionally. His priority was keeping me IN the game of MY life and not suspending it. His knowledge is advanced and his approach unorthodox when needed, but based solidly on science and a fearlessness garnered by his own self exploration of physical endurance and tolerance. I knew Doug was my man when he not only watched and assisted in my fitness programming, but maintained an ongoing dialogue with my trainer, thereby creating a team approach to maintaining my optimal health and physical performance. Doug has redefined and reestablished my belief in physical therapy. His tenacious brilliance, his intuition and his empathy make Doug an incredible practitioner.”
– David I., New York, NY

“Working with Trevor has been a great experience. He doesn’t just have me ‘do exercises.’ Instead he thoroughly evaluates me, educates me, and gives me exercises that allow me to get back to weightlifting safely. In addition, he has the experience to evaluate my weightlifting patterns as I progress in order to ensure I execute my lifts with proper form. This keeps me safe, efficient, and powerful. Trevor is keen on seeing me become healthy as quickly as possible. PT with Resilient Performance Physical Therapy has been empowering and made me feel more confident on the platform.”
– Laura, New York, NY