Built From a Common Goal

“Normative” movement and physical function in medicine do not reflect your goals. Resilient believes you are capable of more.

You’re here because you expect more as well.

Why Resilient?

The goal of most medical care is the restoration of “normal” function. Normal may not be sufficient for you, however. Your physical aspirations are unique to you. These aspirations are not reflected by the average of everybody else’s.

Normative values in medicine are typically based on minimal standards of physical function, not always that which is necessary for you to achieve your personal goals and do the things you enjoy. The standards for movement and fitness are trending in an alarmingly low direction. It is now normal, and often medically acceptable, to lack the ability to perform fundamental human movements, to be plagued by nagging injuries, and to be fragile when faced with physical stress. Functioning “normally” does not make one Resilient.
Our purpose is to help you restore your physical function so that you can do the things that are important to you with complete confidence- for you to be prepared for whatever it is you wish to encounter.

How are Resilient PTs different?

Resilient Doctors of Physical Therapy are able to operate along the entire continuum from post-surgical rehabilitation to performance and fitness training.
We are what the industry calls a Hybrid Therapist. We all have professional experience as strength and conditioning coaches and/or personal trainers which helps progress our physical therapy patients to reach their maximum potential.
Your therapy and training program are tailored to your end goal. Whether you’re an adult recreational athlete, someone interested in exercising for health and wellness, or an athlete looking to take their game to the next level, we’ve got you covered.

Our Patients Us!

The team at Resilient are absolute professionals - the best!

The prescribed workouts are the best medicine to preventing future injuries and the videos are extremely helpful. Always a pleasure stopping in for a visit and always feel so much better post-visit. Thanks!

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