Therapeutic exercise is a proprietary term used by healthcare providers to describe something that is otherwise pretty intuitive. The body needs to move to get better at moving. It needs to be stressed to stimulate adaptation. Exercise is a major component of sports rehabilitation because it’s a powerful form of stress inoculation. Rehabilitation is effectively the controlled application of stress in the presence of pain or injury to elicit desired physiological adaptations. With pain or injury, the body’s ability to tolerate stress is typically diminished. Responsibly-dosed exercise helps one regain or exceed their pre-injury level of function. There are no magical “therapeutic” exercises per se. The power lies in the thought process behind the exercise and the manner in which the various components of a program compliment one another. At Resilient, we prescribe exercises to:

  • Improve joint mobility and position to provide more movement options
  • Develop strength and control in these positions
  • Enhance the ability to access and change position rapidly
  • Increase one’s ability to repeatedly produce force without being impaired by fatigue

Many people have preconceived ideas about what physical therapy exercises look like. If you search the internet for “physical therapy” images, the exercises that emerge are likely to be dull and uninspiring; seemingly detached from the activities you enjoy. While lower level exercises may be necessary early in the rehabilitation process, we can assure you that if applicable, you will be challenged to explore your body’s potential in novel and exciting ways.

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The prescribed workouts are the best medicine to preventing future injuries and the videos are extremely helpful. Always a pleasure stopping in for a visit and always feel so much better post-visit. Thanks!

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