The prospect of returning to form after a surgery may seem daunting. Surgery is required when an acute or a chronic injury compromises one’s anatomy to the point that a repair is necessary to regain normal function and improve quality of life. Modern surgical techniques are able to reverse many injuries that previously would have created permanent disability. Despite these great advances, surgically restoring anatomical integrity doesn’t always ensure that full function will be achieved. Some surgical procedures can take up to a year or more to fully recover from. This is where physical therapy comes in. Post operative physical therapy ensures that one’s range of motion, strength, coordination, speed, and endurance are sufficient to support their athletic, recreational, or job-related goals. At Resilient, our customized care ensures that you will emerge from your procedure confident, strong, and excited by the new possibilities afforded you by your surgery. 

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The team at Resilient are absolute professionals - the best!

The prescribed workouts are the best medicine to preventing future injuries and the videos are extremely helpful. Always a pleasure stopping in for a visit and always feel so much better post-visit. Thanks!

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