The goal of most medical care is the restoration of “normal” function and the absence of pain. Normal is often not sufficient. Moreover, normal is not you. You are unique. Normative values in medicine are typically based on minimal standards of physical function, not always that which is necessary for you to achieve your personal goals and do the things you enjoy. The standards for movement and fitness are trending in an alarmingly low direction. It is now normal, and often medically acceptable, to lack the ability to perform fundamental human movements, to be plagued by nagging injuries, and to be fragile when faced with physical stress. Functioning “normally” does not make one Resilient.
Our purpose is to help you restore your physical function so that you can do the things that are important to you with complete confidence – for you to be prepared for whatever it is you wish to encounter.


» Resilient specializes in bridging the gap between acute rehabilitation and elite human performance. Resilient’s clientele includes athletes and operators from Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), professional mixed martial arts, X Games, Winter and Summer Olympics, Professional Lacrosse (MLL/PLL), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), United States Weightlifting (USAW), federal law enforcement tactical teams, military special operations forces, and those with a history of chronic pain and extensive surgical backgrounds.

» Resilient currently advises or has advised the following organizations about sports medicine and rehabilitation, performance programming/planning, and leadership development. U.S. Air Force, Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Police Department, S.E.I, Memphis Grizzlies, Boston Celtics, Florida State University, Columbia University, Quinnipiac University, Leaders Performance Institute, Special Operations Medical Association, ALTIS, National Strength & Conditioning Association, Men’s Health Magazine, Runner’s World Magazine, Outside Magazine, and Vice Magazine.