Performance Physical Therapy

Our team spends the duration of your session working with only you.

Your success is the most important thing to us. We will never pawn you off to someone else during your session.

Not all injuries are treated the same. Yours will be treated uniquely with solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Cookie-cutter therapy can help, but not all the time. Get it right the first time.

Keep the training process a priority. Your long-term success depends on working strategically around your injuries.

There’s always a way to continue training while getting back to 100%.

Locations in Manhattan, NYC & Chatham, NJ

Sports Medicine & Performance Physical Therapy

Achieve Your Goals At Your Pace – In Person and/or Online (ONLINE COMING SOON!)

No more getting lost in the gym for hours unsure if you’ll ever reach your goals.

Depending on various factors (pain, location, time, finances, etc.) we have just the right solution for you.

The secret to staying healthy is by having an appropriate training program all year round.

Receive a program from a Resilient Doctor of Physical Therapy and Performance Coach.

You succeed with the appropriate support along your journey. We provide web-based libraries of videos, articles, forums, etc. to keep you progressing.

Resilient’s programs are easily accessible on your mobile device where you can view videos for each exercise.

Resources For Professionals

Find the material you’re looking to improve on no matter who you are.

We provide various levels of information in many ways for anyone ranging from physicians to therapists, and everyone in-between. View Options Here.

Throughout the year we present courses to meet the needs of evolving professionals.

Learn the ins and outs of Resilient’s system to improving biomechanics and performance.

Make Your Systems More Resilient

Different organizations require different solutions.

Depending on your needs, Resilient can optimize what you’ve already accomplished to become bigger and better.

Utilize Resilient to further develop talent you already have.

In the ever-changing landscape of high-level performance, everyone must continue to push the envelope and improve.