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What Jury Duty Taught Me About Evidenced Based Practice

Like many well intentioned movements, “evidenced based practice” has been hijacked, politicized, and corrupted. While in many instances the spirit behind the movement inspires providers to think more critically and question personal biases, in others it creates division and suppresses dialogue. “Science” and “evidence” are often reduced to rhetorical forms of grandstanding, especially on social media platforms that reward adversarial behavior and binary thinking. To be sure, I am not suggesting that medical providers “do things the way they’ve always done them” or that research and objective data should not inform clinical practice. Research, whose quality varies immensely, is not synonymous with evidence, however. Moreover, it remains unclear what individual or collective bodies should preside over “evidence”. Writing “evidenced based” in one’s twitter bio doesn’t make one an arbiter of evidence, blue check mark or not.

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Dr. Mike Roussell on the Resilient Performance Podcast

Dr. Mike Roussell

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Dr. Mike Roussell is known for transforming complex nutritional concepts into practical nutritional habits that his clients can use to ensure permanent weight loss and long lasting health. Mike holds a degree in biochemistry from Hobart College and a doctorate in nutrition from Pennsylvania State University. Mike’s academic background coupled with his broad range of experience from consulting with pharmaceutical and food companies, medical schools, top rated fitness facilities, professional athletes, and individual clients, gives him the unique ability to translate scientific findings into relevant, understandable, and actionable strategies that get results. As a scientist, his research has been published multiple times in the premiere clinical nutrition journal in the world, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. He is also a sought after continuing educator, speaking across the country to physicians, dietitians, nurses, and other health professionals on the most recent advances in the nutritional treatments for cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and weight loss.

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Christie Aschwanden on the Resilient Performance Podcast

Christie Aschwanden Resilient Podcast

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Christie Aschwanden is the author of GOOD TO GO: What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn From the Strange Science of Recovery and co-host of EMERGING FORM, a podcast about the creative process. She’s the former lead science writer at FiveThirtyEight and was previously a health columnist for The Washington Post. Christie is a frequent contributor to The New York Times. She’s also been a contributing editor for Runner’s World and a contributing writer for Bicycling. Her work appears in dozens of publications, including Discover, Slate, Consumer Reports,  New Scientist,  More,  Men’s Journal, Mother Jones,, Smithsonian and O, the Oprah Magazine. A lifetime athlete, Christie has raced in Europe and North America on the Team Rossignol Nordic ski racing squad.

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Dr. Lisa Pitchford on the Resilient Performance Podcast

Dr. Lisa (Guth) Pitchford is an exercise physiologist and research scientist. She started her research career as a student in the Ball State University Human Performance Lab. She became interested in the relationships between exercise and genetics, which led her to pursue her Ph.D. with Dr. Steve Roth at the University of Maryland. She then did a post-doctoral fellowship focused on metabolism at the University of Michigan before taking on her current role as a Research Scientist at Metabolic Technologies, Inc. in Ames, Iowa. Her scientific expertise ranges from applied human physiology to molecular biology and genetics, and her research in exercise performance, metabolism and nutrition has spanned human, animal, and cell culture research models. Outside of science, she enjoys running marathons, traveling with her husband, and trying new microbreweries.

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Phil White on the Resilient Performance Podcast

Phil White is an Emmy-nominated writer who frequently contributes to The Inertia, SUP the Mag and Canoe & Kayak. He is the co-author, with Dr. Kelly Starrett, of the forthcoming books Flight Plan and Waterman 2.0, and is also collaborating on Game Changer with University of Michigan football performance director Dr. Fergus Connolly and Bridging the Gap with Sue Falsone, the first female athletic head trainer in Major League sports. His other books include Whistle Stop, which Larry King said, “I can’t put down,” and Our Supreme Task, which The Times Literary Supplement called “Illuminating.”

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