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E41 | Frank Alexander Talks Sports Medicine

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Frank Alexander, MS, ATC serves as Dr. Chris Ahmad’s athletic trainer and physician extender. Frank joined Team Ahmad in the summer of 2015 already having a well-established background in Sports Medicine. He is responsible for history taking, evaluation of throwing athletes, patient education, and post-operative care and instruction, such as removing sutures and seeing patients in the recovery room. Frank earned his Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from Dominican College and a Master’s degree in Kinesiology from AT Still University.

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E40 | Bill Hartman

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Bill Hartman, PT is the go-to guy in the fitness and rehabilitation industries when all other methods have failed. Clients from all over the United States and from countries such as Japan, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, and the United Kingdom have traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana to seek his talents. Bill has degrees in Movement and Sports Science from Purdue University and Physical Therapy from Indiana University.

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E39 | Keep It Real Talk #1

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Hey everyone, and welcome back to the Resilient Performance Podcast! Today’s episode will feature our first ‘Keep It Real’ talk with Greg Spatz, Trevor Rappa, and Doug Kechijian.

Our ‘Keep It Real’ talks will consist of the three of us addressing questions sent to us via Instagram followers, blog readers, podcast listeners, and anyone else that reaches out to us.  We want to keep things as simple as possible for you and not over complicate things for the sake of making ourselves sound smart.

This is our way of ‘Keeping It Real’.

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E38 | Return of the Resilient Performance Podcast

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Welcome back to the Resilient Performance Podcast! Today, we wanted to introduce some of the changes that will be taking place on the podcast. Historically, we have interviewed people from a variety of fields.  We do this to try and make the themes a little more global and while we don’t want to change this, we still want this podcast and the content to transcend what we’re doing as sports rehabilitation performance professionals.

We’re going to increase the podcast releases to a more weekly format where we have more of an informal educational platform where we have round table discussions, present our own case studies, and even talk about things that we are working on with our athletes.

I would also like to introduce my partners and contributors to the podcast, Trevor Rappa, and Greg Spatz. We appreciate you taking the time to listen and we ask that you stay involved, ask questions, and leave a review on iTunes!

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The Silver Rule of Return To Sport Protocols

Clarity of expectations among surgical and rehabilitation providers is paramount following an extensive surgery like an ACL reconstruction. Post surgical protocols are one way to control or manage expectations. Generally, the point of contention between surgeons and physical therapists/athletic trainers is who decides what the protocol should look like. Physical therapists tend to reason that surgeons don’t have enough direct experience working with athletes outside the operating or examination room to dictate the patient’s progression. Conversely, the sentiment among many surgeons is that they effectively “own” the patient even after the surgery because they assumed the greatest risk and exercised the care that requires the most training and skill. An orthopedic surgery gone awry can result in permanent disability and even death. The worst case scenario rehab wise is a recurrence of the original injury (e.g. retearing the ACL during a change of direction scenario or disrupting a repair site via overly aggressive mobilization early on) in which case the surgeon would have to clean up the mess- again. Both parties’ concerns seem legitimate on the surface so what’s a reasonable compromise?

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