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Resilient’s Human Performance Model

» There is no void between acute rehabilitation and sport-specific training when programs are based on systematic biomechanical, behavioral, and neurophysiological progressions. Maximizing structurally available joint function and motor control is the foundation of the performance pyramid. Cultivating movement competency under load, fatigue, and other physiological and emotional stressors that clients encounter mitigates the potential for injury. Any biological and psychological stress can alter pain and performance. Physiological monitoring and technological advancement help to determine an individual’s readiness for any kind of training. Human performance programs should not simply be regarded as an adjunct to technical and tactical training. All stressors draw from the same adaptive reserves. Every exercise or training modality has a biological cost.

» The most appropriate physical training means are those that develop the requisite biomotor abilities at the lowest physiological cost; thereby maximizing available biological resources for things like specific sport, technical, and tactical practice. Physical training should not detract from skill development. Through testing, one can determine how much fitness is sufficient to seamlessly coordinate all aspects of physical, technical, and tactical preparation and to maximize readiness.


» Resilient specializes in bridging the gap between acute rehabilitation and elite human performance. Resilient’s clientele includes athletes and operators from Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), professional mixed martial arts, X Games, Winter and Summer Olympics, Major League Lacrosse (MLL), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), United States Weightlifting (USAW), federal law enforcement tactical teams, military special operations forces, and those with a history of chronic pain and extensive surgical backgrounds.

» Resilient currently advises or has advised the following organizations about evidence based sports science and rehabilitation. U.S. Air Force, Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Police Department, S.E.I, Memphis Grizzlies, Florida State University, Columbia University, Quinnipiac University, Leaders Performance Institute, Special Operations Medical Association, ALTIS, National Strength & Conditioning Association, Men’s Health Magazine, Runner’s World Magazine, Outside Magazine, and Vice Magazine.

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