Resilient Movement Foundations Online


Web-based education and application strategies for Physical Therapists, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, and Fitness Professionals.

Click here to learn more on the course introduction page.

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Click here to learn more on the course introduction page.

This course provides over 6 hours of video footage of presentation and practical demonstration for you to learn on your terms at your own pace with the ability to review all content whenever you’d like.

Course Objectives:

  1. Maximize the safety and effectiveness of the exercises you’re already doing to keep your clients healthy and minimize the need for extra rolling, stretching, and mobilizing
  2. Understand positional cues for Olympic lifting, running, lifting, and sporting activities
  3. Making sense of breathing drills (you won’t be belly breathing!)
  4. Review regressions and progressions for various movement patterns to keep your clients training consistently regardless of age or injury history
  5. Learn power and reactive work for the general fitness setting and why physical preparation requires way more than just lifting weights
  6. Review programming guidelines so your clients get the most out of all exercises
  7. Expand your menu of exercises to avoid emotional attachments to particular movements