Zac Cupples on the Resilient Performance Podcast

Drawing from his experience as a physical therapist and strength coach in the National Basketball Association (NBA), Zac is a global load manager who advises athletes and organizations about all aspects of the performance continuum: rehabilitation, training, nutrition, sports science, sleep, stress management, and the learning process.

Topics Covered Include:

  1. The challenges of working in pro sports/misconceptions associated with medical and performance professionals in this environment
  2. The impetus for Zac's sleep initiative this past NBA season
  3. What measures Zac proposed
  4. How Zac was able to persuade the coaching staff to implement measures that challenged sacred basketball traditions
  5. Changes in individual and team performance associated with improved sleep quality
  6. Resources to learn more about the science of sleep
  7. Eliciting organizational and individual behavioral change

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