Top 3 of 2019

2019: A year that's about to mercy-rule 2020. Here's a short list of our Top 3 content pieces from 2019.

Pulling up the rear is one of the more popular Resilient Performance Podcast episodes from season 2.

#3. Tony Holler on the Resilient Performance Podcast

Tony Holler Resilient Performance Podcast

"Tony has 38 years experience coaching football, basketball, and track. He is presently the Head Track Coach and Freshman Head Football Coach at Plainfield North High School in Plainfield, IL. He is a member of the Illinois Track and Field Hall of Fame and coached multiple teams to state track championships. A coveted author and speaker, Tony is also co-director of the Track-Football Consortium."

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Coming in 2nd place is a hot topic on social media these days that I'm surprised didn't take first prize.

#2. The Myth of Mental Toughness Training: Part I

"The suggested narrative here is that “extreme” training gives elite collegiate football programs an edge over their competitors by cultivating mental toughness. The popular media rarely covers the less sensational, more established training that likely comprises the bulk of these universities’ performance programs. As is generally the case in most fields, the things that really work aren’t always conducive to driving web traffic."

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The suspense-inducing #1 piece of content from Resilient in 2019 is...

#1. Anatomy Is Overrated

Anatomy Is Overrated Blog

"To preempt the strawman responses, anatomy is not unimportant. Anatomy is just not typically taught in a manner that contextualizes its real utility. Traditionally, the study of anatomy is akin to memorizing the instruction manual (including all the parts and unique nomenclature- effectively learning a new language) for a car in hopes of becoming a better driver."

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