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Tony Holler has been a teacher for 38 years and presently teaches Honors Chemistry at Plainfield North High School in Plainfield, IL. He also has 38 years experience coaching football, basketball, and track. Tony is presently the Head Track Coach and Freshman Head Football Coach at Plainfield North. He is a member of the Illinois Track and Field Hall of Fame and coached multiple teams to state track championships. A coveted author and speaker, Tony is also co-director of the Track-Football Consortium.

 Topics Covered:

  1. How teaching chemistry and coaching track and field at the high school level are similar and different
  2. Do teaching curriculums reflect modern educational priorities
  3. How Tony personally gauges if his students are learning and the degree to which standardized assessments constrain the teaching experience
  4. Strategies Tony employs to keep students engaged in chemistry class and track and field practice
  5. Essentialism in coaching and teaching
  6. Principles that unite the different sports Tony has coached
  7. Specialization in sports and education
  8. Empowering students and cultivating leadership in young people
  9. How Tony’s altered his methodology to accommodate “millennials” (hint: he hasn’t)
  10. What’s next for Tony after four decades of teaching

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