E89 | Aaron Cunanan: Sports Science in the UFC

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Aaron Cunanan is a sport performance professional with 10 years of experience providing support in collegiate, Olympic, and professional sport through roles in physical preparation, sport science, and applied research. He currently serves as the Performance Support Manager for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Prior to his position at UFC, Aaron worked as a Sports Science Coordinator for The San Francisco Giants. 

A PhD in Sport Physiology and Performance, Aaron’s doctoral studies cultivated an expertise in strength and power development, Olympic-style weightlifting, athlete monitoring, technique analysis, sport technology, and data analysis.

Topics Discussed:

  1. Aaron’s coaching background and what influenced his decision to pursue a PhD
  2. Aaron’s doctoral research
  3. What is sports science and how should it be implemented
  4. Organizational structure in sport
  5. Generating the right questions and identifying problems within an organization
  6. Proper application of data collection
  7. The problems Aaron was asked to solve in Major League Baseball
  8. The problems Aaron is attempting to solve in UFC
  9. Resources for coaches from UFC Performance Institute

Links of Interest:

Aaron’s Twitter

Aaron’s LinkedIn

Aaron’s Published Research

UFC Performance Institute Journal


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