Dr. Greg Lehman on the Resilient Performance Podcast

Dr. Greg Lehman is a physiotherapist, chiropractor and strength and conditioning specialist treating musculoskeletal disorders within a biopsychosocial model.  Prior to his clinical career Greg was fortunate enough to receive a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council MSc graduate scholarship that permitted him to be one of only two yearly students to train with Professor Stuart McGill in his Occupational Biomechanics Laboratory subsequently publishing more than 20 peer reviewed papers in the manual therapy and exercise biomechanics field. Greg was an assistant professor at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College teaching a graduate level course in Spine Biomechanics and Instrumentation as well conducting more than 20 research experiments while supervising more than 50 students. He has lectured on a number of topics on reconciling treatment biomechanics with pain science, running injuries, golf biomechanics, occupational low back injuries and therapeutic neuroscience.

Topics Covered Include:

  1. Common misconceptions about pain and Greg's Pain Guidebook
  2. When "how" we move matters
  3. Diagnostic integrity within the biopsychosocial framework/is pain overly medicalized?
  4. Health care systems and who should work with people in pain
  5. Redundancy among different health care providers
  6. Treatment frequency to optimize patient empowerment

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