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A former FBI agent and police instructor, Bill Rogers is the founder and chief instructor of the Rogers Shooting School. Bill has been a world ranked IPSC shooter, a state trap champion, and has over 50 years of shooting competition experience and over 40 years teaching shooting. Bill has invented many of the holsters and equipment used by police and military worldwide. He also invented the target system and the method of instruction used at the school. His teaching methods are utilized by some of the most highly trained tactical teams and military units in the United States and throughout the world.

Topics Covered:

  1. The difference between precision shooting/marksmanship and tactical shooting for law enforcement and military personnel
  2. Why the manner in which many military and law enforcement personnel are trained to employ firearms is not sufficiently realistic
  3. Why he has somebody with zero firearms experience train on the exact same range and targeting system as a seasoned special forces operator. Yes, you read that correctly.  No training wheels for novices.
  4. Training the subconscious mind- the key to performance in high stress environments
  5. The system he employs to develop both individual shooting skills and team-wide tactics

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