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Andy Ryland is USA Football’s senior manager of education and training and has been with USA Football since 2010. He has consulted with programs at every level of competition, and is widely recognized as a foremost expert on developing the fundamentals necessary for a successful shoulder tackle. He is a former Penn State linebacker and member of the U.S. Men’s Rugby team and is a primary instructor in the Advanced Tackling System.

Topics Covered:

  1. Andy’s position with USA Football and how his athletic career influenced his view on long term athletic development
  2. What football coaches can learn from the sport of rugby
  3. Andy’s teaching progression for tackling
  4. Developing offensive and defensive lineman while respecting contact restrictions during practice
  5. Evaluating quarterback play while considering differences in scheme, ability of receivers to get open, protection, etc.
  6. “System” players
  7. Andy’s thoughts on the NFL combine
  8. How Andy would structure a training week to account for individual skill development, physical preparation, game planning for an opponent, and full contact scrimmaging

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