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Should You & Your Clients Warm-Up?

Absolutely! Here’s why…

Maximizing Your Warm-Up
Everyone knows that a training session should begin with some variation of a warm-up. It’s not uncommon for warm-ups to be done with little effort or focus as often the intention is to only increase blood flow to the tissues that will be stressed in the training. While this is important to help decrease the risk of a soft tissue injury there is more we can do to maximize the effectiveness of the warm-up for the client and coach.

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Trevor Rappa On The Map My Run Blog

Resilient’s Trevor Rappa was recently interviewed for an article published on the Map My Run Blog.

The article is titled “From Couch to… What You Need to Know Before Diving Into an Intense Workout.”

Here’s a quote:
“Trying to radically change your exercise behavior is stressful and hard to maintain. Try making small changes over the course of a few months that will add up.”