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Sports Medicine & Performance Physical Therapy

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Sessions are typically one-on-one for a full hour. Outside of post surgical rehabilitation and traumatic injuries, there are few instances in which physical therapy is warranted more than 1-2 times per week, not 3 times per week as is typically the norm.

While certain medical conditions and structural pathologies do warrant special attention, our approach is typically unaltered by the anatomical site of your pain. Structural diagnoses are often labels that reveal nothing about why you hurt. At Resilient, we assess the entire body from head to toe regardless of the site of pain to ensure a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan. That said, please bring any applicable paperwork or diagnostic imaging results to your first appointment if you have been treated by another health care provider prior to consulting with us. We recognize that health care is a team sport and we strive to work seamlessly with other providers to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Please bring clothing and footwear that allow us to assess your movement abilities and have you practice exercises. If you are an athlete who experiences pain during a sport-specific skill or who is looking to achieve better positioning on the court or field, you may consider bringing equipment that allows us to recreate your environment or if this is not possible, any applicable video.

We always encourage people to move as often as possible without igniting the pain cycle. We work with people from all backgrounds to maintain their fitness without provoking an existing injury. If we think a particular exercise or routine is contraindicated during the course of our evaluation, we will provide you with a safer alternative that produces a similar training effect. Our ultimate goal, however, is to get you to return to the things you love doing with complete confidence. Maintaining general fitness promotes healing and recovery so very seldom is a drastic reduction in physical activity advisable. Our skillsets ensure a seamless transition between your rehabilitation and fitness. We also provide training services or programs to implement independently.

At Resilient, we recognize that we can’t “fix” everyone. Our thorough evaluation system effectively and efficiently triages those individuals whose care is best delegated to another health care provider. If you don’t make meaningful objective improvements within 2-3 sessions, we will refer you to a specialist in our network that can provide more clarity. We know our limitations and will refer you to one of our colleagues without hesitation when necessary.

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